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Can I afford to host a Children's Business Fair?

Hosting a fair can be surprisingly inexpensive. For a small fair, all you need is a small yard or some greenspace, a few donated card tables and some excited young entrepreneurs from your neighborhood.

Where should I locate my fair?

Smaller fairs will fit in a front yard or local greenspace. Others use churches or community centers or parks.

What is Acton's role?

The Children's Business Fair idea, kit and your own customized website is our gift to you. We'll even throw in up to $500 in prize money.

How far in advance do I need to plan?

For a small fair with 8 to 10 tables, hosts report 3-4 weeks is plenty of time. Larger fairs, of course, require up to several months of planning.

What if there is already a fair in my city?

That’s okay! There is more than enough entrepreneurial spirit to go around. Hosts can reserve a 2-week block within 10 miles of the fair location to avoid overlapping events.

What permits and licenses will I need?

City and state laws vary by location, and many communities offer exemptions for local events. We recommend contacting your city government or Chamber of Commerce.

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